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TypeScript async/await

typescript async await

This week Microsoft announced the release of TypeScript 1.7. One of the neat features this introduces is support for ES7 async/await functions. This provides another useful method of doing asynchronous programming or developers! Check out this video to get a gentle introduction into how you might you async/await patter in your own code.

Typed Arguments in TypeScript

tstacos typed args

You can be sure your code works as expected by using typed arguments in your TypeScript code. You can even create interfaces to define what your arguments should look like and the TypeScript compiler will make sure your code adheres to that contract. This is one step forward in learning Type-Driven-Developement with TypeScript!

TypeScript Interfaces

TypeScript Interfaces

We’re going to talk about Interfaces in TypeScript today! Interfaces are used in lots of languages like Java and C#. Used correctly, they can become a great tool alongside strong type checking to validate that your code is doing what you expect it to do. TypeScript interfaces are a compiler tool to help you write…

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TypeScript Declarations

typescript variables

Declared variables in TypeScript are strongly typed, meaning that if you declare a variable as one type, you can’t reassign it to another type. You have simple variable statements. You also have let and const declarations. Enjoy this quick bite-sized intro to TypeScript declarations. Photo attribution:

Abstract Classes

typescript abstract classes

A recent addition to TypeScript 1.6 was the inclusion of abstract classes. If you are not familiar with abstract classes, Microsoft has a nice descriptionhere. The key is that abstract classes cannot be instantiated on their own. Their purpose in life is to be extended and are used as a base class for other classes.